There is a whisper in the forest, the word echoes across the seas,
within the heart of humanity is 'Divine Unity'
Discover the power of God that is within. Discover the Keys To Heaven.
Metaphysical Classes, compassionate co-creation, together we can! We ARE!
Explore Universal Principles:
Discover your inner power!  
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DivineUnity is 21st Century New Thought, delivering a powerful message, rooted in Ancient Wisdom teachings. We teach that within every person is a Divine Nexus that connects us with God, each other and all life. Any person can develop his or connection with the Divine through the application of Spiritual Practices and thereby become a revealer of deeper truths.

Do you like Eckhart Tolle? Enjoy Deepak Chopra? Do you watch Oprah, enjoy beautiful music and respect the lives and spiritual paths of others? Are you on a journey to deeper understanding of the mysteries of life, manifestation and love? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is time to join the DivineUnity Community!

Learn the Mystic Path, through wonderful classes taught in person and online by Spiritual Masters around the globe. New Thought is rooted in Ancient Wisdom and contemporary science. Today many of the ancient metaphysical principles are being validated and verified by Quantuum Physics, Genetics and BioChemistry. Join us on the wisdom path of compassionate action!

There is no excommunication, no manipulation, just truth which enables you to put your personal evolution into action.

What We Believe Quality Classes

A growing community a growing community
We consecrate ourselves to personal evolution, dedicating our lives to the divine and supporting each other with compassionate action. DivineUnity New Thought teaches the universal principles and one is able to take classes online and at any Divine Life Center.
Diversity Makes us
diversity makes us strong!
Our Members come from diverse backgrounds and circle the globe. When you show up, you will find a variety of faces, eyes, and thoughts with people from a rainbow of backgrounds truly reflecting today's Aotearoan Understanding that
Together We Can! We ARE!
Welcome to DivineUnity

Great Spirit, Diivne Energy, That That IS, God flows through through everything. We have our being within God and God through us. We joyfully take responsibility for our lives, for the loving care of our beautiful world, actively practicing compassion, forgiveness and reconciliation. We joyfully live in the present, revealing our higher nature and through spiritual and personal evolution manifest our higher truth of spiritual liberation. We actively participate in the law of circulation, giving love and energy, thus receiving love and energy multiplied.

What We Believe



Do you feel the Higher Call?

Do you feel that God is love, that there is a universal matrix of spirituality? Do you believe that the kingdom is within and true peace manifests through the opening of our hearts to higher wisdom?

We believe there is truth within all compassionate spiritual teachings and that together we make a difference through cultivating higher consciousness, manifesting inner peace within each soul.

If you share these convictions, then now is the time to choose inner spiritual evolution and become a practitioner, teacher, even a minister of DivineUnity. We believe in the power of the Divine in our lives right now and that each of us can harness this power to build better lives for ourselves while supporting the transformation of global consciousness in the manifest ion of a higher vision through compassionate action.

Your life, this life, is your opportunity to make a difference. By embracing your Divine Nature and living your Divine Purpose, you will support the uplifting of global consciousness. Become a Spiritual Practitioner, a DivineUnity Teacher or even a New Thought Minister.

Respond to the call within your heart. Explore the universal wisdom through the matrix of New Thought. Now is the time to support healing and harmony around the globe.



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